Investment Example: 860 kW rooftop solar system in the Northeastern U.S. fully operational as of February 2012. System construction was fully financed by 100% system owner TGC.

Host business type: The host, or power purchaser, is a family-owned, lower middle market business purchasing power from the system under a 20 year power purchase agreement (PPA) with system owner TGC. The business operates as a manufacturer and distributor of cosmetic products to retailers across the U.S.

Host is an employer of significance in a stressed local area: The company has grown steadily over the past 21 years, and with 250 full time employees is now a major employer in a city with median per capita income of $24,000.

Savings to the small business owner host: TGC’s system targets production of approximately 49% of the host company’s total electricity needs and contemplates 25-30% annual electricity savings for the host company – an attractive proposition for a middle market enterprise which manages cash well with an eye to growth.

Social responsibility with business impact: The host company is motivated by the business impact of reducing its own carbon foot print – the ability to represent that half the company’s energy consumption does not rely upon fossil fuels helps it to stand tall with its key customers.

View the System’s Actual Performance

The photos above represent a selected TGC portfolio investment. The system host and PPA counterparty to the roof top solar power system owned by TGC is a middle market business in the Northeastern U.S. with excellent credit which now benefits from lower electricity prices, a new roof and an improved “sustainability index” with its customers.