Stonehill College Project, Easton, MA

Investment Example: a 2.8 MW system with a long-term power purchase agreement (“PPA”) with Stonehill College, Inc.  TGC owns solar canopies on Stonehill College’s parking lot that generate clean, green power for the College’s on-site consumption.

Social responsibility: Providing local, clean energy to educational institution.  Creation of jobs during construction period and during ongoing maintenance for the next many years.

Origin of Opportunity: the project is part of a partnership to buy C&I projects from SunPower Corporation.

Host business type/Offtaker: Stonehill College (Moody’s A2).

Host and/or Project as an Employer: Local labor was utilized to develop and build the project.

Savings : Stonehill College has known electricity prices for the term of the agreement, with on-site generation of clean energy. It is expected the college will save substantially versus the electricity rates it projects during the life of the agreement.

Exit: This asset was part of our Fund II portfolio which was sold to Altus Power (along with our Fund I portfolio), Inc in August 2021 (see more information here)