The Vice President of Investor Relations will be responsible for leading and managing the firm’s investor relations function. The desired candidate will play a critical role in building and maintaining relationships and communicating with investors, including the firm’s investment strategy and performance, and compliance with regulatory requirements.


Investor Communication Strategy:

• Develop and execute a comprehensive investor communication strategy aligned with the firm’s goals and objectives.

• Define key messaging, investor touchpoints, and communication channels to effectively engage with Limited Partners.

• Develop investor communications including quarterly update materials and marketing materials.

• Plan and execute quarterly updates to Limited Partners.

ESG Communication Strategy:

• Develop and execute a comprehensive ESG communication strategy aligned with the firm’s overall investor relations goals and ESG objectives.

• Define key messages, disclosure frameworks, and reporting mechanisms to effectively communicate the firm’s ESG initiatives and performance to investors.

• Develop the firm’s Due Diligence Questionnaire and Annual ESG report.

ESG Strategy and Integration:

• In consultation with ESG consultant and in collaboration with the leadership team, contribute to the development and implementation of the firm’s ESG strategy, ensuring alignment with industry trends, investor expectations and compliance.

• Collaborate with the investment team and asset management team to integrate ESG considerations into the firm’s investment decision-making and monitoring process.

• Facilitate the development of formal ESG policy, process, procedures, and reporting to investors. Stay informed about emerging ESG trends, regulations, and reporting requirements within the private equity and ESG space.

• Provide insights and recommendations to senior management on ESG-related topics, potential risks, and opportunities for the firm.

Relationship Management:

• Act as the main point of contact for Limited Partner inquiries, providing prompt and accurate responses, addressing concerns, and fostering long-term partnerships.

Investor Reporting and Presentations:

• Oversee the preparation and delivery of investor reports, presentations, and updates.

• Collaborate with internal teams, including finance, legal, and operations, to gather relevant information and ensure the timely and accurate delivery of reports to investors.

• Coordinate and oversee the preparation of ESG reports, presentations, and disclosures


• Support Investor Relations and senior management team in fundraising, including outreach to prospective investors, follow-up and coordination of due diligence meetings.

• Responsible for fulfilling due diligence requests by prospective investors.

• Ownership of the firm and Fund Offering data rooms and quarterly updates to all materials. Assist with coordination of schedules and road shows.

Investor Events and Meetings:

• Plan and coordinate investor events, including annual meetings and conferences.

• Organize investor meetings, manage logistics, as directed, and ensure smooth execution to maximize investor engagement and satisfaction.

Regulatory Compliance:

• Stay informed about relevant regulatory requirements, including SEC rules and regulations, and ensure compliance with reporting, disclosure, and other obligations.

• Maintain accurate records of investor communications and ensure adherence to compliance guidelines.

Market Intelligence and Investor Relations Strategy:

• Monitor market trends, competitive landscape, and investor sentiment.

• Provide insights and recommendations to senior management on investor relations strategy, market positioning, and potential areas of improvement.

Investor Database Management:

• Oversee the maintenance and accuracy of the investor database, ensuring investor contact information, preferences, and communications history are up to date.

• Leverage the database to analyze investor data and generate reports for strategic decision-making.

The Ideal Candidate Profile:

• Exceptional communication and presentation skills, with the ability to effectively communicate complex investment concepts to diverse audiences.

• Experience in working with placement agent(s), in investor relations role, preferred.

• Proven track record in maintaining investor relationships, with a focus on institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals.

• In-depth knowledge of regulatory compliance requirements and reporting obligations for private equity firms.

• Strategic thinker with the ability to develop and execute investor relations strategies that align with business goals.

• Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to manage multiple priorities and deadlines.

Required Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s degree in finance, business, or a related field (MBA preferred).

• At least 7 years of increasing experience in investor or client relations within an investment management firm or private equity firm; experience may include MBA.

• Strong understanding of financial markets and industry best practices.

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